We offer an exceptional range of Water Softeners with a full spectrum of solutions.

Get Filtered High Quality Water In Your Home.

Many of us install water softeners, use drinking water filtration products in our homes, and buy bottled water for our families, but did you know that fresh, clean water could also be environmentally sound?

Standard Valve Body

For upflow, downflow and filter applications.

AWC Platinum Series

These systems utilize the most efficient technology available and are ideal for treating a wide variety of water conditions. We offer consumers exceptional performance before and after the installation.

Digital Touch Screen Display

*Large color LCD Touch Screen Display
*Average Daily Use
*Current Flow Rate
*Easy to Use
*Completely Customizable

Enhanced Controller

The Premium touch screen LCD display features an upgraded interface, customizable programming and are field programmable- which means LESS phone calls to customer service.
AWC offers the only touchscreen controller in the industry.

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How the System Works

Our systems are customized and made to order based on your specific expectations. Our systems exchange sodium for calcium and magnesium to reduce hard water. They boost waters cleaning ability and reduce minerals that cause appliance breakdown.

Installing a water softener reduces natural gas required to heat your home’s water supply by 30%.

Using a metered water softener,regeneration every other day can reduce both salt and water usage by 40%.

Filtering your at-home water instead of buying bottled water saves the environment and money

Bottled water can cost from 240 to 10,000 times more than tap water, even though 25% or more originates from municipal tap water systems. A single 20-ounce bottle of water costing $1.50 would pay for about 1,000 gallons of municipal water—enough to fill the same bottle every day for 13 years.

Start Enjoying a Water Purification System

Drinking Water Systems can increase the flavor and the purity of your water. We offer a complete package of Household Water Treatment Systems. If your looking for just a specific component of Water Filtration, we have a variety of Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems, Water Purification Systems, Drinking Water Filter Systems and Well Water Purification & Well Filtration Systems. Absolute Water Consulting is your one stop shop for all of your Home Water Services. We also service Water Purification Systems from other manufacturers.

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