Hard Water Can be Hard on Your Wallet

Save Money

Slowly but surely, dissolved minerals in untreated water can erode some of the everyday pleasures of home living, causing costly breakdowns in your homes other water using appliances. Appliance repair costs can drain a family budget.

These problems can be eliminated with the addition of a Water Purification System or a Water Treatment System.

Enjoy 50% savings on laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo, fabric softener and other cleaning products*.

*Source: Water Quality Association (WQA)

Easier Cleaning, Washing & Maintaining

Do you notice ugly stains and scaly residue on your sinks, tubs, tile and fixtures? Does your family feel like they are endlessly scrubbing kitchen and bathroom fixtures and it seems ineffective during household chores.

Your family will immediately appreciate sparkinging dishes and crystal clear glassware with out dull films. No more excessive scrubbing or stains........you'll notice gleaming sinks, tubs and tile. Your children will thank you as cleaning will become faster, better and brighter. Water Purification Systems can work wonders through assisting your cleaning products.

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AWC offers a variety of financing options to fit every household budget

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Whats in your Water?

Drinking Water Systems can increase the flavor and the purity of your water. We offer a complete package of Household Water Treatment Systems. If your looking for just a specific component of Water Filtration, we have a variety of Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems, Water Purification Systems, Drinking Water Filter Systems and Well Water Purification & Well Filtration Systems. Absolute Water Consulting is your one stop shop for all of your Home Water Services. We also service Water Purification Systems from other manufacturers. Call us today to schedule a Free Water Analysis and let our certified technicians show you how you can improve your water quality.


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