AWC is Committed to using Water Responsibly

Not only can Water Treatment Systems enhance your health, but they can also help reduce water waste through managing your water usage- a commitment we should all make to our environment.

Conserve Energy

AND save money in the process. A water heater that wastes energy and fails prematurely, ruined by mineral deposits that build up inside can not only have costly effects on you , but also on the environment.

You can experience 30% energy savings from a water heater free of hard water scale.* Water treatment Systems will eliminate mineral, residue and scale build up in your water heater- meaning fewer repairs for clogged internal parts of water-using appliances and plumbing will maintain full water pressure for years longer.

*Source: Water Quality Association (WQA)

Preserve Water in Florida

Did you know the average person uses about 75 gallons of water a day?
Still think you don't need a water treatment system?

Florida is surrounded by water and home to the second largest freshwater lake in the United States, Lake Okeechobee. The Floridian aquifer system has traditionally been the primary water supply source in most areas of our state. Florida water management districts have developed plans to handle this new demand but it all starts with us. Floridians can help reduce the burden on community water infrastructure treatment costs by using water more efficiently.

* Source: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Benefits of Purified Water

Water Treatment Systems provide purified water that is mechanically filtered to optimize your drinking experience and house hold needs. Our systems are designed to remove virtually all types of impurities which will save you money.

find out how

Conditioned Water May Reduce the Appearance of Dry Skin

Have you experienced dryness immediately after getting out of the bath or shower?
It may be Hard water which contains residue that may clog pours and coat your hair, leaving you with dryness.

Water softeners remove dissolved rock from your water giving you pure water to thoroughly clean your skin and hair which allows your natural softening and moisturizing agents to work.

Conditioned water helps sustain moisture and will leave your skin residue free. Consumers and owners of our water treatment systems rant and rave about how soft and refreshed their skin feels after bathing.

Taste the Difference

Does your water have an off-taste or an after- taste?

Aesthetic water quality changes from tap to tap. If your experiencing earthy, musty or chlorine tasting and smelling water, you'll need to get a water treatment evaluation in order to pin point what's in your water. Once determined, a certified water treatment specialist will create a treatment plan customized for your home based on your specific needs.

Immediately after installing your Water Treatment System you'll enjoy Ice cubes that freeze clear and hard for more attractive drinks. Your family will discover how filtered water enhances your favorite coffee, tea and foods you make.

Get a Drinking Water Filter

Let us test your water so you can start enjoying quality tap water by installing a Water Purification System. We offer trade in system discounts and 100% financing options for every household.

Free Water Testing

AWC is Commited to Our Environment

We reduce the environmental impact of our services, by Recycling, Reusing and Reducing environmental waste. We are a Green company.

Drinking Water Systems can increase the flavor and the purity of your water. We offer a complete package of Household Water Treatment Systems. If your looking for just a specific component of Water Filtration, we have a variety of Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems, Water Purification Systems, Drinking Water Filter Systems and Well Water Purification & Well Filtration Systems. Absolute Water Consulting is your one stop shop for all of your Home Water Services. We also service Water Purification Systems from other manufacturers.

Call us today to schedule a Free Water Analysis and let our certified technicians show you how you can improve your water quality.

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